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Iconiq Psychology started out as a YouTube channel in 2017. Soon after, this passion project turned into a mission to educate and raise awareness about emotional intelligence. The online course Emotional Intelligence for Millennials now available on Udemy. 

🤓 Who is the brain behind Iconiq Psychology? 

💕 A special thanks to: Everyone who has supported Iconiq Psychology along the way, professionally or otherwise. You are all a crucial part of the mission and Iconiq would not be possible without you. Iconique Psychology says thanks! 

We are still working on our mission towards a more emotionally intelligent world. Stay up to date with all we‘re planning by following our channels:

Beata Stanova is a writer, speaker, YouTuber and believer in the power emotional intelligence. With a background in psychology and business, Bea seeks to bring emotional intelligence to the millennial generation in an entertaining way. 

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