Emotion identification is a process during which you consciously think about what you are feeling and you name the emotion you are feeling. There are many benefits to being able to this from better relationships with others to improving your mental health. 

Why are emot...

Not happy with your work? Not satisfied in your relationships? There are so many things we struggle with in our professional life, in our love life or friendships and a lot of our issues could be prevented if we simply knew more about our psychology. From self-awarenes...

Meditation for beginners is a step by step guide to starting your own meditation practise. You will learn meditation techniques for complete beginners and you'll be able to start meditating right away.

How to decide? The decision making map helps you to make smarter decisions quicker. Deciding what do study or making a decision what job to take is a lot work, but after reading this article you'll be able to decide in no time!

How to quit judging yourself and others? Psychology can help! Living a judgement-free life can be achieved through the practise of acceptance. Accepting yourself unconditionally will do wonders for your self-esteem and relationships!

Creative thinking can be developed and even Harry Potter can help you become more creative! How? Find out 5 ways for increasing creativity and creative thinking!

Empowering your self-talk through writing will increase your confidence in the face of challenging situations. Writing about your thoughts will help to identify thinking patterns that are holding you back and preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The event was hosted by the iamgood community and took place MAK in Vienna. The Iconique Psychology topic was how to empower your self-talk through writing.

Being mentally strong when facing adversity is what resilience is all about. So how to overcome life's challenges without falling apart? Building resilience is the answer!

How to remember what you read in books explored! Reading, remembering and retaining information from books is a true skill and psychology can hack it!

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