The event was hosted by the iamgood community and took place MAK in Vienna. The Iconique Psychology topic was how to empower your self-talk through writing.

Being mentally strong when facing adversity is what resilience is all about. So how to overcome life's challenges without falling apart? Building resilience is the answer!

How to remember what you read in books explored! Reading, remembering and retaining information from books is a true skill and psychology can hack it!

The ultimate productivity killer of our age – procrastination! Never before were there so many distraction devices, trying to get your attention. Today we are exploring procrastination, the disadvantages & benefits of procrastinating and even how to beat procrastinatio...

Feeling stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Dealing with stress is a skill we need to learn to live an anxiety-free life. Exploring different types of stress today! Eustress and distress explored!

Mastering self-control and strengthening your will power is all about delayed gratification. A famous psychology experiment - the Marshmallow test proved that self-discipline can predict a successful future.

Want to get rid of FOMO? Is it possible to stop feeling like you’re missing out on something? There's even a way to manage the fear of missing out! We can do anything today. We can travel anywhere. Study anywhere. Live anywhere. We can choose our lifestyle and even cha...

How to overcome the fear of failure? Get comfortable with making mistakes! Making a mistake is how we learn and develop. Psychology says make mistakes but also learn from your mistakes!

Why do you feel lonely and how to overcome loneliness? What is the effect of loneliness on your physical and mental health? Exploring how to stop feeling lonely today!

Do men in suits really radiate confidence? It's true that suits can make you look more attractive and powerful! Why? The psychology of suits is about status.

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