Are sunglasses an obstacle in communication? How important is eye-contact in relationship building and does wearing sunglasses make you socially superior?

Overthinking, worrying and ruminating impacts your life in a negative way. What can you do when you can't seem to control your thoughts? Replaying memories, failed scenarios or anxiety about the future can be managed if you have the right mind tools.

Emotions have evolved to be a part of our nature. What exactly are emotions, how do we feel emotions and why we need to become more emotionally intelligent explored!

Phobia is an exaggerated fear. Phobias are treated through therapy and even using virtual reality. Phobia treatment with VR helps people manage their fears. How exactly can a phobia be cured using VR? Find out today!

Why do relationships fail? There are three main reasons why people break-up! Exploring the psychology of relationships, break-ups and heartbreaks.

Why is being unhappy important for having a happy life? Happiness is about feeling the right emotions, rather than always feeling positive emotions. Even the negative emotions are felt for a reason and can be used in making our lives better.

Keeping a journal is beneficial for your mental health, creativity and stress levels! Writing your thoughts into a journal will keep your mind clear. Get clarity on your life goals, values and priorities with journaling today!

Is living without regrets even possible? Here's top five tips to living a regret-free life by staying true to yourself and focusing on what really matters.

How to get and stay motivated explored today. With these 5 simple tricks you will be able to keep your motivation levels high for any project, workout or task!

Want to learn a new foreign language without spending a lot of money? Learning a foreign language such as French or German can be so easy with the right tricks up your sleeve. With these 5 language learning hacks you will become fluent in no time!

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