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4 Mind Tricks To Keep You Motivated For Your Next Work Out

In the past couple of decades our lifestyle has undergone a major change. We spend more and more time sitting down, which is not only a strain on our backs but on our brains as well. Sport has similar influence on our mental health like drugs in treating depression. It makes us happy. We all know that regular exercise improves our immune system, health of our heart, bones and muscles. It’s a sort of an all-in-one benefit kind of thing. Doing sports is much more than just jogging around is circles on the running track or squatting your butt of at the gym. It is what we make it. There is a type of sport for you too! So how can we get motivated enough to stick with any exercise routine? Keep on reading to find out more.

Step by step to a healthier version of yourself The recommended frequency is to exercise on 3-5 days per week but we are all professionals at procrastination. Especially so, when it comes to sports. Starting a new habit like creating a new exercise routine is actually a series of stages~. Pre-contemplation means we are not even thinking about changing our routine. Contemplation is already the first step towards change. However, simply considering something is not enough in making it happen. Preparation is a key step in taking action. This might mean getting a gym membership, buying running shoes or signing up for a Yoga class with a friend.

And then comes the most difficult, yet the most rewarding step – action. This means sticking to the routine you created for yourself and doing it again and again. Research suggests that it can take up to 21 days to create a new habit. So what are some of the things that might help you continue on your sporty journey to success?

1. Involve social contact into your exercise routine People are the best source of motivation! When you are surrounded by a supportive community, your chances for success skyrocket. The social aspect of doing sports can also increase the enjoyment of the whole activity and you get some quality time with your friends and family in addition to getting healthier!

2. Get motivated the right way What’s your motivation for doing more sports? The by-products of exercising like weight loss or medals from your 5k runs are great, but they might not be enough to keep you going long-term. We are motivated to do things that we enjoy. That is why choosing what sport you do is crucial in determining whether you stick with it or not.

3. Train with patience Consider taking it slow and enjoying the process of learning. Expecting ground breaking results from yourself from day one will put too much pressure on your performance and remember, it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, right? Simply patting yourself on the back for showing up in the first place is sometimes enough. Creating positive associations with the way you exercise establishes a basis for all your future training sessions. Keep it positive!

4. Remind yourself of the benefits Doing sports provides so many more benefits than just improved cardiovascular function and weight loss. Regular exercise helps you sleep better. Research shows that people who do sports fall asleep faster and that they even slept longer and deeper than individuals who did not exercise. In addition, physical activity also improves your mood. So if walking to work and doing a couple of crunches is going to make us happier, bring it on!

Our spines were not designed to sit motionlessly behind an office desk and our fingers were not made for typing on the keyboard (I say as I type this into my computer). We were made for movement. Often times we forget that. The solution to so many of our problems is in fact a healthier lifestyle. It’s not easy achieving the work-life-body balance but the benefits make it worth a try. So choose a type of movement, which will be fun for you and make it a part of your weekly or even daily routine. That’s the complexly simple secret to a happier and healthier life.


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