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Benefits Of Owning A Dog For Your Mental Health

A man’s best friend. Well… a four legged companion against loneliness does not sound that sexy. Having a dog actually has many benefits for your mental and physical health. What benefits come with owning a dog? And why are we sometimes nicer to these furry creatures than to other people? Find out on today’s psychology of dogs!

Owning a dog is healthy for you Owning a dog comes a number of benefits for your health. Studies show that pet owners have fewer cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels. Part of the reason might be the regular physical activity that comes with taking a dog for a walk, however this might also be connected to the mental support a dog provides you with.

A dog is an instant loneliness cure Almost any type of pet is any instant cure for loneliness. Taking care of the pet gives you something to do, occupies your mind and forces you to communicate. If you want a dog to sit, you have to tell him to sit. Dog owners are also forced to communicate more with other people. When you are walking your dog and you meet another person walking their dog, you instantly have something in common. In addition, caring for a dog day to day also makes you feel needed and gives you a purpose.

Dog over spouse? Studies indicate that 50% of pet owner view their pet as a member of their family and 25% of the participants in relationships reported that the pet is a better listener than their spouse. Which is kind of understandable… a dog doesn’t talk back, doesn’t judge you or disagree with you. Plus, it’s ready to cuddle whenever you are. But seriously, this is above all a reminder for all of us that oftentimes when we are dealing with a problem in our life, we just need to talk it out and we need the people around us to simply be there and listen.

Why are people nicer to dogs than to other people? We need to feel loved and accepted and owning a dog will give you exactly this type of feeling. A dog is always happy to see you when you come home and he will always be loyal to you, as their carer. Dogs provide a sense of certainty and security that we so desire in this uncertain world.

All in all, dogs are awesome. They improve your mental and physical health, give a purpose to your day and with a dog by your side you never have to feel lonely again. But before you go and adopt a dozen dogs from the local animal shelter, check in with yourself as to why you want to get a pet in the first place. Make sure you’re ready to take care little guy or gal first. If owning and taking care of a dog makes you happy then by all means go for it. Just don’t forget that while your four-legged darling requires your love and attention, so do the people around you.


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