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How to Feel Beautiful and Confident Everyday

Are you beautiful?

If you did not immediately say to yourself “YES!” to this question or if you hesitated for a moment thinking about the parts of your body, which you are not a 100% confident with – keep reading on. Although a tiny spoiler alert… you are beautiful. Now it’s simply time for you to discover how to feel beautiful and confident everyday.

Beauty is subjective What you find beautiful is highly subjective. Just consider how any different types of art there are. You might consider a modern art painting beautiful, while your friend sees an ugly red blob on the canvas. No one is right or wrong, your preferences in style are simply different. When you perceive something as beautiful, it means that your needs are satisfied and it brings you pleasure to perceive it. Beauty is a feeling. Simply a pleasurable feeling.

What you find beautiful is a part of you Deciding whether we find something as beautiful or not is also closely related to self-recognition. Whatever you are looking at has to be aligned with your worldview. In your mind, it’s been approved. It all depends on your past experiences, thoughts, desires and needs~.

Is beauty a product of evolution? Who we consider attractive physically is closely related to the evolutionary patterns. Women with large lips are rated as more attractive than woman with narrow lips due to the strong mating potential~. This also explains the popularity of lipsticks. We are evolutionary programmed to look for healthy partners, so that we can produce healthy children. Physical features are an indicator of health.

However, culture plays a major role in defining what we find attractive. While nowadays people spend hours catching the on the beach or spending their money to buy self-tanning products, in the past white porcelain skin was considered as the most beautiful. Our idea of what beauty is changes with time. Our idea of beauty follows the trends.

Redefining beauty Have you ever tried googling beauty? What you get is pictures of glammed up models, make-up editorials and before and after images. That's what we see as beauty today. An industry, which tells us to look a certain way and reminding us there is always room for improvement. How can we then feel beautiful when we are constantly reminded that whatever we're doing and however we look is not good enough...yet.

It is no wonder that we prefer attractive over the unattractive. We have evolved to feel good when we see something beautiful. Nonetheless, you decide how you perceive the world. Just like our culture supports our tall and slender idea of beauty, you can create your own world views. It starts with your inner monologue. What do you say to yourself about the way you look?

How to feel beautiful I am sure this has already happened to you. At first you really didn’t like something but over time you grew to like it. That is because something or someone convinced you. This can be true of food, art or people. So why not start convincing yourself that you are beautiful? Day by day, find things about yourself that you like and give yourself compliments (yes, in your head). Clothes and make-up can be great tool for highlighting your best features but try to view them as aid, rather than something to hide behind.

The beauty of confidence The great thing about appreciating the beauty in yourself is that it’s an instant confidence booster. Maintaining this positive self-talk will make you a confident person in the long-term. If you believe yourself that you are beautiful and amazing, others will have no choice but to believe it too.


Beyond the looks Beauty goes way beyond what meets the eye. What we consider beautiful is so deeply rooted in our values, beliefs and desires, it would be shallow to limit beauty to the physical attributes of a person. You decide what’s beautiful and you have the power to redefine beauty at any moment. We change physically and mentally everyday, so why shouldn’t our idea of beauty change together with us? After all, feeling good in your own skin is the best gift you can give yourself!

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