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How To Get More Likes On Social Media

Getting a like on Instagram or Facebook is the equivalent of a compliment. Our reward systems in the brain are activated, which makes us feel happier and more accepted. A like is a sign of recognition and approval. Who doesn’t like being liked, right? But there is actually a lot more psychology behind the little thumbs up and heart icons. In this article, you'll find out how to make use of the years of branding insights to get your posts and photos liked even more.

1. Consistency Whether we like it or not, Instagram, Facebook and other social media are our personal marketing tools. Just like any successful brand if you want to get more likes, creating a brand, which speaks to your community, is key. While you might be a very interesting and complex person, too much variety in what, when and how you post will confuse your friends. That is why sticking with one filter, tone of voice or style of taking photos is the way to go.

People make conclusions about us based on what they see and understand. If they don't understand something, they are most likely not going pay too much attention to it. Social media are not the places where you should take the time to figure yourself out. Think about what you announce to your friends and how you do it. Your online image represents only and only you.

2. Out of sight, out of mind It’s an old trick. You’re watching TV and suddenly a Cola Cola commercial comes on. A few minutes later you find yourself not only being thirsty but feeling like having a glass of Coke. We have so many things around us keeping our minds busy that if brands did not fight for our attention, we would forget about them in a heartbeat. The same goes for your social media. Stay quiet for too long and your friends might forget you even have an Instagram account.

3. Be unique Let's imagine you have your consistent style and you post content regularly. What can you do now to bring your Instagram or Facebook account to another level? Be different! If all your friends post holiday photos from the beach in summer, your Mallorca bikini snap will be just another one of dozens. But how about posting a skiing photo from Switzerland? That ought to catch their attention. The trick is doing something different and unexpected. Simply keep your friends on their toes.

4. Let me entertain you Humour is something very personal and subjective but the success of funny posts and photos is guaranteed. We love to be entertained. Humour helps us bond with others, establish an emotional connection and even makes us more attractive as individuals. Have you ever talked to someone with the same sense of humour and after just one conversation you felt a connection to that person? Social media can have the same effect.

We get enough reasons in our lives to be frustrated or grumpy. Surrounding yourself with negativity, even if it is 'just' on Facebook, does not add any value to your life. I assure you if I had a friend who was constantly posting depressing stuff, I wouldn’t be following him for too long. Social media are the perfect platform for entertainment. So be a little ray of sunshine and spread the joy!


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