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How To Save Money On A Vacation

It’s summer, you’re on a beach, your toes dipped in the hot sand, while you're listening to the relaxing waves of the ocean. After the whole year of running around, working and earning money, finally some freedom. Freedom to relax, to eat whatever you want and to spend your money on whatever you want. But what is actually the reasoning behind our vacation overspending? And what can you do to save money on your next holiday? Keep reading to find out.

We deserve it We keep convincing ourselves that whatever it is we desire on vacation, we deserve because we’ve worked so hard the whole year. We have worked hard, right? Now is finally the time to reward ourselves. The food, the free time activities and the souvenirs. We feel entitled to all of it.

Souvenirs are in addition a special category in our vacation spending budget. In any touristic destination, one can find so many stores and stands selling souvenirs, it is impossible not to buy at least a small trinket. As a memory of our time abroad, we buy keychains, postcards or knickknacks from the local craftsmen. We get presents for our friends and family and purchase decorations for our home. Souvenirs can after all be great conversation starters. At the same time however, souvenirs can be real budget killers. When on a holiday, the British actually spend more than £1.2 billion each year on souvenirs (there is a conversation starter for you!).

We want it now Today we live in an environment where everything is getting faster and better. One day shipping, food delivery in under one hour and video on demand. We want everything right now and because we often get everything right now our brains got used to having everything instantly. It's the same logic when you are on your holidays. You see something you like, such as the keychain with an Elvis Presley head on your last trip to Las Vegas and you want it. Straight away.

The need for instant gratification is even stronger on holidays than in your everyday life because when you're on vacation there is a tight deadline. You're only in Las Vegas for three more days so it is now or never, right Elvis Presley keychain head? Well, not exactly. There are a few ways around it and it is possible for you to have an amazing vacation and keep your money at the same time.

What can you do to save money on your next vacation? Our brain is simply different on vacation. It screams “I’m finally free!”. Away from the routine, from the restrictions and having to have to go to work, work out and eat healthy. But guess what, carbs are still carbs on holidays and spending your money abroad is still spending your money. That's why it is better to take a step back. Even though when we travel we are in the destination for a limited period of time, it’s still better to just stop for a moment and think – do I really want to buy this? A good tactic is leaving all of your vacation and souvenir shopping for the last day. By that time you know what you want and need to buy and also, which places have the best prices (#winwin).

It's ok to buy - nothing. We often buy things just because we are on vacation and we want to bring something home. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve bought useless stuff just because I was on vacation. I not only did not need the things, but sometimes in a very derp-like fashion I didn’t even like them.... So what can we do so that we don’t spend our money mindlessly? Thinking in advance about what to buy and who to buy gifts for turns out to be a real budget saver. Not to forget setting a budget in the first place is always beneficial and if you can't find anything you like, remember it’s ok to buy nothing .

Going on a vacation is a time for you to switch off and you can still enjoy your time away from home without going crazy with the spending. The most important thing when traveling is the change of environment and new experiences. After all, the memories are the reason why we travel and they are in the end priceless.


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