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5 Secrets To Living Life Without Regret

What is really important in life? In a couple of years when you look back, it’s not going to be the fact that that you got stuck in a traffic jam on your way home… and it’s not even going to be how much money you made. What if we lived our whole lives focused on what is truly important? Living without regrets is possible! Based on psychological research and the experiences of a nurse, who spent years working with patients in the last weeks of their lives, here are 5 secrets for a regret-free life:

1. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings It may appear simple to complete the sentence “I feel...” in full honesty, but it is actually much harder than it seems. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort! Expressing your feelings can have an incredibly positive impact on your life. In addition, by even considering how to put your feelings into words, you get more clarity on how you are feeling yourself.

2. Make people the number one priority in your life It is our friends and family who help us get through the tough times and who give meaning to our life. Spending quality time with those who are most important to us and working towards making their lives better is what gives us direction towards living with purpose.

3. Don't make your life about work Chasing money will never bring you true happiness. Your life should be focused on what's meaningful to you. You can live life on your own terms. More and more companies are realising the importance of work-life balance and with so many possibilities it has never been easier to do work that you will love doing. We all have 24 hours everyday and only you can decide how your time is spent.

4. Allow yourself to be happy When you look back at your life now, what are the moments that you cherish the most? Happiness is in fact much easier to achieve than you might have thought. The truth is, we are usually too hard on ourselves. Simply allow yourself to enjoy the small things. A good conversation with a friend, taking a weekend trip or enjoying a good meal will get you one step closer to living a life full of joy.

5. Live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you Standing up for what you believe in is never easy. It is in our human nature to crave social approval and to follow the rules laid out by society. But do you think Steve Jobs was worried about what the others thought of him when he was founding Apple? Following the guidelines others lay out for you and staying inside your comfort zone will never give you the life you were destined to lead. It is up to you to stand up for what you believe in.

We often forget that we only have one life. While getting caught up in the problems of the everyday, we commonly fail to remember what really matters. Each day that passes can bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose but only if you find the courage to pursue it.


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