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How To Keep Yourself Motivated in 5 Simple Steps

We often find ourselves beginning project after project without seeing it through. While the long-term effort is most rewarding, it requires a ton of self-discipline and drive. So how can we keep ourselves motivated? Here are 5 tips on sticking with anything you wish to achieve.

1. Remind yourself of why you began We always get so excited at the beginning of a new project and then as the excitement fades away, the motivation goes with it. There will be points in your journey when you will want to quit and that is perfectly natural. Especially in these moments, it is crucial to remind yourself why you began it in the first place. Write a short list with the reasons why you began, keep it on your work desk or somewhere where you will see it and read it from time to time. This way you become your own motivational coach.

2. Look back to see how far you’ve come Tracking your progress helps you to appreciate the effort you already invested in the project. It also makes it easier for you to review how you worked in the past and helps you to use this information for present challenges. We often forget what our situation looked like at the beginning and we take all of our hard work for granted. Don't let you brain forget how hard you worked and how far you have already come. Track your milestones and remind yourself here and there of everything you've already accomplished.

3. Reward yourself for the effort While we tend to punish ourselves for our failures, rarely do we reward ourselves for our successes. By consciously rewarding yourself for the steps you took towards achieving your goal, you are positively motivating yourself, setting yourself up for further progress. Who would you rather work with, a person who is nice to you or a person who is constantly criticising you and bringing you down? So why not try being nice to yourself?

4. Use the power of your environment Get in touch with people who motivate and inspire you. If you ever participated in any type of competitive run, you know how motivating the people around you can be. The motivating power of the environment can be found anywhere be it business, sport or working on creative projects. Try looking for people who are passionate and already good at whatever you wish to achieve and I guarantee their energy and enthusiasm will make staying on track for you so much easier.

5. Be patient successfully Finally, achieving success is great motivational boost. But while success itself is an amazing motivator, it will not be achieved overnight. That’s why already perceiving small steps towards your goal as a success will keep you going in the long run. After all, one of the great successes is simply beginning in the first place.

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