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How To Stop Feeling Lonely Today

We all feel lonely from time to time but is it even possible for us not to ever feel lonely? The answer is yes! Loneliness is more dangerous than we even realise. When you feel lonely your mental and even physical health suffers. We are social creatures and you were not designed to be alone or feel lonely. So what can you do about feeling lonely? Keep on reading to find out.

First of all, it is important to say that feeling lonely does not always have to mean that you are physically alone. Sometimes we can feel lonely when we are with others as well. The feeling of loneliness is also different from Monophobia, which is the fear of being alone. Feeling lonely is subjective. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a party surrounded by hundreds of other people or whether you are actually home alone. Neither does it depend on your relationship status or level of social skills. You can feel disconnected at any point, regardless of whether you are single, dating, in a relationship or married.

Why do lonely people push other people away? Feeling lonely often times inclines us to push people away. When we are feeling lonely, we devalue the relationships we already have and withdraw ourselves from people who care the most.

Humans are social beings. We love to connect and feel like we belong. It’s true that today our society promotes independence but to all of those who feel like they have to take on the world all alone, here's a message for you: don’t be afraid to ask for help, to connect with others and to express your emotions. We have not evolved to do everything alone and feel lonely. So take loneliness as a message your body and mind are sending you that something needs to change. Why?

Loneliness affects your physical health Purely the feeling of loneliness makes our body temperature drop. Loneliness also increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decreases the function of your immune system. We are in physical and psychological stress when we feel lonely. This can then not only lead to poorer health but also alcohol and drug abuse, panic attacks, depression or even suicide.

Solution for loneliness How can we stop feeling lonely?Take action! Sitting at home in front of the TV is not going to help you feel less lonely. When you notice you are feeling lonely, try viewing it as a signal that you long for connection. Text a friend, call your family or simply go out to a café and be around other people. Consider taking up activities, which will help you meet new people and stay in contact with them. Building meaningful connections is key. Facebook groups or websites like Meetup or Internations provide a ton of opportunities for you to get to know like-minded people. Volunteering is also a great way to meet people and spend time doing something meaningful.

Feeling lonely can alienate us from others. We begin to expect rejection before it even happened. That is why the final part of battling loneliness is expecting the best. Steering your emotions to focus on the positive through hope and gratitude will not only bring you out of the stressed state but also provide comfort in knowing better times are ahead. I assure you it is nearly impossible to feel sad and lonely, when you are certain that an amazing future is just around the corner.

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