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Want To Become More Creative? Harry Potter Can Help!

We have to start out this article with a very important message. No matter what you've been told as a child or as an adult and no matter if you still think this yourself - you are creative. You are a creative person. Feel free to put it in your CV under special talents. We are falsely taught this at schools but creativity is not only connected to being good at arts, drawing, writing or doing pottery. Creativity is defined as the ability to produce new and novel ideas. Therefore, if you are able to think, you are able to be creative.

You've surely seen very artistic pictures of the brain where one half is analytical and the other colourful and creative. Another important thing you will learn from this video is that creativity is not a half a brain thing. Creativity requires the whole brain.

Another interesting fact, several studies show that creative adults score higher on tests of general intelligence. Although being creative alone does not guarantee a high IQ score. Creativity is all about divergent thinking. This means that we are able to think of new ideas and offer multiple solutions to a problem. Thinking out of the box. Let's say we have a simple problem - we need new shoes. There are several solutions to this problem such as go to a store and buy new ones, order new shoes online, check your old shoes, ask friends if they have shoes they don't wear, etc. One problem, several solutions. Creativity is actually made up of three main components. 3 Components of Creativity: Creative thinking skills Meaning with how much flexibility and imagination you are able to approach a problem. Motivation It can be either external such as someone pays to come up with a solution to a problem or the motivation can be internal - meaning you just really want to create a solution out of your own initiate. Expertise This is connected to how much you know about the area in which you are trying to solve a problem. I could be the most creative person in the world but if I am faced with a problem in quantum mechanics, an area I know nothing about - motivation and imagination will not be enough.

And now let's take a look at how you can become more creative in 5 simple steps!

1. Don't be afraid to disagree Creativity is also connected to the ability to disagree and challenge the status quo. In order to fully tap into your stream of creativity, you cannot be afraid to question everything and disagree with other even though it might lead to a potential conflict.

2. Persevere when faced with setbacks Another important thing to keep in mind is that creativity also requires the ability to persevere. Let's imagine a write working on his latest novel. Do you know how many writing blocks he has to live through? Of course, he doesn't give up on finishing the book with the first sign of trouble. Difficulties are a part of the process.

3. Know when to take a step back The writer knows this and he is also able to step away and return to his writing with a fresh perspective. This is also a good tip for increasing creativity - taking a step back and knowing when it's time to switch off. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take your mind of the problem, take a walk or sleep on it.

4. Embrace uncertainty Creativity is actually one of the most sought out skills in today's professional world. Nonetheless, creativity as a concept is often praised, when we're faced with creative solutions we are actually very likely to reject them. We all have the need for certainty and change is something we need to adjust to. Creative ideas are novel and original and often make people feel uncomfortable. Creative solutions trigger feelings of uncertainty. In addition, trying out a creative idea that might or might work requires time and energy. It requires taking a risk that people are not always comfortable taking.

5. Power of magic And what does Harry Potter have to do with all of this? A group of psychologists worked with 52 4-6 year old children. .The kids were split into two group and they were shown 2 different 15-minute clips from Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. One clip with magical scenes, the other without.

Afterwards the children were given a creativity test. The psychologists found that the children who watched the magical scenes scored significantly higher on the creativity tests. Magical thinking gives children the ability to really think outside of the box. We begin to think outside the realms of this world. This study suggests that books and videos about magic can spark children's imagination and increase their ability to think creatively.

That's why the last tip for increasing creativity is believing in magic. This doesn't have to be specifically Harry Potter, it's the magic element that matters. That why fairy tales and storytelling is so important not only in childhood but also throughout our lives. So whatever problem you are trying to solve, whether it is in your personal or professional life, think outside of the box. A little bit of magic can go a long way.


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